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Palladian Capital Partners was established to pursue principal investment opportunities. The firm is led by experienced private equity professionals and operating executives, and supported by a board of advisors. PCP partners with existing management teams to build profitable, sustainable businesses and to realize significant returns on capital for management, our investors, and our partners.

Palladian Capital Partners, makes control or near-control equity investments in established companies. Depending on the investment opportunity Palladian Capital may use entirely its own capital, access PCP’s Pledge Fund, PCP’s network of family offices or may bring in partners from our network of other well qualified private equity investors. Our investment strategy is to work with existing management teams to accelerate growth and enhance the value of a business by providing capital, marketing expertise, operating refinements, access to acquisition opportunities and other resources that may not have previously been available. The investment criteria that we use include companies that are cash flow positive, have been operating for at least three years and have current annual revenues of $10 million or more. Industry focus areas include software, technology and technology services, business process outsourcing (BPO) services, transaction services, value added distribution, niche or specialty manufacturing and selected consumer products.