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  • Market and sell for a premium price a mid-market niche heavy manufacturing business that had been bought by a private equity fund
  • Company performance had been solid but had unexciting financial performance
  • Developed in depth analysis of market demand cycles and near-term growth prospects
  • Identified and analyzed broad range of strategic and synergistic buyers
  • Targeted a select group of financial and strategic buyers with customized approach to highlight unique value proposition
  • Received six fully developed bid packages from qualified buyers
  • Sold company to private family-owned strategic buyer at a multiple 30% higher than the multiple paid by the private equity buyer

Product or service highlight

Product and service descriptions are useful when people are shopping, but you can also write some information that tells visitors more. Why is one product more popular than another? Why has a particular product become your best seller? Write details.

Product details

Describe the details of this particular product or service. Consider using the same information you might include on a brochure or other catalog list.
Product price or special offer

If you created this page to highlight a special offer, be sure to mention all of the offer details, including: regular price, special price, length of offer, and packages including this product.